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We are closed on Tuesdays

Since 2009 we offer our guests classic German seafood in a casual atmosphere at one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Cologne. Herring in different variations, rollmops and of course our mussels make the “Herings” a popular meeting place for Cologne and tourists from around the world. All dishes are freshly prepared by us, of course are also meat lovers at their expense.
With a fresh Mühlen-Kölsch or a glass of wine, you can
admire the photo chronicle of the long history of our house. Thanks to our homeowners who have provided us with the photos and postcards, and the photographers Hermann and Clärchen Baus from Cologne-Delbrück.
We look forward to welcoming you as our guest in the
“Herings” and hope that you feel at home with us.
Your Herings Team
P.S. For intolerances or questions about allergens please contact us directly. We’re happy to help.

Dear guests and friends,

due to the present situation, there are currently some changes that we must comply with.

We ask for your understanding that we will not always have our usual menu in stock in the next few weeks and that our opening times may differ from the usual ones.

We look forward to your visit!

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

The Herings Team


„Herings“ Fishsoup (a,b,d,i,n)
with different fishes and prawns

Potatosoup (3,4,a,b,g,i,l)
homemade with a baconstick

Prawns (a,b,i)
served in a hot pan with oil, chili and garlic

Bread served with aioli (a,g,j)


Small mixed salad (a,g,i,j)
with croutons and a vinaigrette dressing

Fried Perch (a,d,g,i,j)
on a fresh salad served with a separate warm potato dressing

Goat Cheese (a,g,h,i,j)

in a brick pastry with thyme and honey comes with fresh salads and walnuts


For those who just can’t decide… …or as a starter to share

Tapas “Cologne Style” (2,3,4,5,a,c,g,i,j)

Fried blood sausage on a lentil salad (3,g,i,j)
Fried bacon from the Eifel region (3,4)
Cologne liver-sausage (3,4,5,j,g)
Mature Gouda (2,g)
Onion Rings (a)
Mini “Schnitzel” (a,g,c)
served with bread (a) and butter (g)


Sushi “Cologne Style” (a,d,c,g,b)

Pickled herring (d)
Fried anchovies (a,d)
Smoked trout (d)
Rollmops (d,j)
Prawns (b)
Fish fingers (a,c,d,g)
served with bread (a) and butter (g)


These ones go well with a beer

Blood sausage(3,a,g,i,j)
with toasted onions on rye bread and mustard

“Matjes” Filets (a,d)
Two pickled herring filets garnished with apple and sliced onions.
Served with fresh bread

Two homemade Rollmops (a,d,g,j)
served with sliced onions and bread and butter


All our herring variations are prepared in our kitchen according to our own recipes

“Heringstopf” (a,c,d,g,j)
Herring marinated in cream, apples and onions.
Served with boiled 
potatoes coated in butter.

“Matjes” Filets (drei Stück) (a,d,g,i)
Three pickled herring filets garnished with apple and sliced onions.
Served with pan fried potatoes, done with bacon and onions, and small salad

Fresh Herring (3,4,a,d,g,j)
Fresh herring rolled in flour and then fried in butter.
Served with fried onions, bacon and potato salad.

Baked herringfilets (3,4,a,c,g,d,j)
Three fresh herring filets marinated with mustard,
deep fried in a beer batter are served with a cucumbersalad and pan fried potatoes,
done with bacon and onions

Side salads are served with a yoghurt dressing.


Portion “spicy mussels”
Meat of mussels, roasted with bacon and piquant, served with Aioli

“Juister” Mussel pan
Meat of mussels in a beer and cream sauce Served with fresh bread

Main Courses

1 Portion = 1kg Mussels

Mussels “Rheinische Art”
In a strong broth of roots. Served with bread and butter
500gr Rhine Style 11,40€

Mussels in Belgian Style
In white wine and garlic, French fries, of course with Mayo
500gr Belgian Style 12,40€

Mussels “Piquant”
Beautiful hot… with tomato-pepper-sud. Served with bread and aioli
 500gr Piquant 11,90€

Mussels “Siam”
In piquant ginger coconut soup with vegetable strips and onions.
Served with fresh bread and curry aioli
 500gr Siam Style 11,90€

Oyster Fines de claire

Oyster (n)     3,00€
6 Oysters (a,n) server with Bread     18,00€
6 Oysters “Rockefeller Style” (i,h,g) gratinated with a spicy spinach crust     24,00€

More tasty fish specialties…

Sautéed Trout (a,d,g,i)
Served with boiled potatoes, parsley butter and a side salad

“Nordic Style” Plaice (3,4,a,d,g,i)
Plaice served with boiled potatoes coated in parsley butter and fried bacon and a small salad

Pikeperch in a pan (a,d,g,j)
Filets fried on the skin, served on a bed of sauerkraut and sautéed new potatoes (optionally with Salmonsteak)

Battered fish (a,c,d,g,j)
Haddock filet prepared in a beer batter served with potato salad and tartar sauce

Fish Skewer (a,b,c,d,g,j)
Skewer with salmon, nileperch and king prawns, served with french fries, aioli and cucumbersalad.

Side salads are served with a yoghurt dressin.


Gamba Platter (a,b,g,i,j)
For a single person as a meal or for several persons as an appetizer or just accompanying beer
600 gr whole gambas prepared with garlic and spicy served with Bread and aioli.

King Prawns (b,g,a,c,j)
3 pcs Fried in herbs and garlic, served with bread and aioli.

Pasta (a,b)
served with fried king prawns, olive oil, garlic and chili.

Pasta Vegan (a)
served with spinach, olive oil, garlic and chili

Grandmas Schnitzel

Choose which side dish you would like to accompany your homemade breaded pork schnitzel, fried in a pan…

… with French Fries
… with Potato salad (a,c,g,j)
… with Pan fried potatoes, with onions and bacon (3,4)
… with mixed salad with croutons (a,g,i,j)


We also recommend…

Mushroom-cream sauce (a,g,i,l)

Pepper-cognac sauce (a,g,i,l)

German “Bratwurst” (3,4,5,8,a,f,i,j,g)
Two fried sausages served with pan fried potatoes, done with bacon and onion,
white cabbage(Sauerkraut) and mustard

For our little seafarers (only for children)

French Fries (a,c,g)
with mayonnaise or ketchup

Three homemade fish fingers (a,c,d,g)
with a side dish of your choice and ketchup

Small Schnitzel (a,c,g)
with a side dish of your choice and ketchup


Dessert Menu

Vanilla Ice Cream (9,g,h)
served with cream and hot cherries

Grandma’s Apple Pie (a,c,g,h)
Homemade apple pie and whipped cream

Extra scoop of vanilla ice cream